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Cleaning with Smart Floor containing enzymes improves traction.

Slippery commercial kitchen quarry floor tile floors can be caused by water, grease, cleaning residue, and low-friction tiles and it’s highly likely that you’ll find any or all of them in your kitchen. Slip-and-fall accidents in commercial kitchens are of a great concern- due in part to their prevalence and also to their preventability. In order to help prevent these accidents, especially on commeercial kitchen tiles such as quarry tiles, it is of utmost importance that cleaning professionals take the necessary precautions to ensure the floors remain safe and slip-resistant.
There are many reasons why a floor may be slippery. One of the most common causes for slippery floors is that it has not been cleaned properly or as frequently as needed. Many slip-and-fall hazards are eliminated just through properly cleaning the floor with the right tools, cleaning products, and equipment. Another possible reason for slippery floors could be that the wrong or inferior cleaning products were used. Clearly Better Solutions’ Smart Floor daily no-rinse bioactive floor cleaner eliminates grease, odor and soil from floors and grout, with no rinsing or scrubbing!

When selecting a cleaner one should insure that it states that it is “slip resistant.” It is also worth considering using higher quality products. While the products may cost more they’re often worth the investment. Once a finish has been chosen for use it is important to make sure not to use too many or too few coats: both situations can result in a slippery floor.

Tools, such as mops and buckets, should be thoroughly cleaned. Since soiled tools could also result in slippery floors cleaning professionals often use brand-new mops for floor refinishing and will coat the bucket with a fresh liner to make sure it is clean as well.

Continual use of products such as SMART FLOOR Daily No-Rinse Bioactive Floor Cleaner, which is a liquid formulation of the same non-pathogenic bioactive ingredients that are in companion product SMART DRAIN, and which digest the Fats, Oils and Grease on floors, along with low foaming, grease cutting detergents, help to keep floors slip free. In addition, SMART FLOOR Daily Cleaner when used in conjunction with SMART DRAIN , reduces slip and fall accidents, defends against drain flies, prevents drain line backups and results in a huge savings of time and labor!

Taking these precautions can prevent harm from coming to you or others due to a nasty fall. So grab a SMART DRAIN cartridge a packet of SMART FLOOR and get to mopping and then get to cooking!

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